Hi , Thank YOU for your interest in owning a Vinyl copy and or a Compact Disc
of the SL2S album HOLY SHIT.  

TAKE NOTICE - The contents and arrangement on the Vinyl version of HOLY SHIT 
is different from the Compact Disc due to the format limitations , the nature of Vinyl.
HOLY SHIT Vinyl does not contain the tracks WACKA DOODLE & WAR RADIO.
The CD is 14 tracks - at approx. 55 minutes in length 
Where as the Vinyl consists of 12 tracks and around 44 minutes long

Please read this carefully .

I am hoping to keep all this transparent and cost effective for both of us.
HOLY SHIT Vinyl Quantities are limited, these are  first production run ( 100 copies ) , 
that have Limited 100 printed next to the BMI publisher logo 
in the lower right hand corner of the back cover. 

I will personally handle each and every purchase. 
Seeing how Packaging and Shipping can be
very expensive I am asking for you to
 CONTACT ME  - Get a purchase quote !

I can estimate real shipping cost according to your address .

Compact Disc - $3 usd handling, with a minimum of $5 usd for this CD
 >>>    $8 usd plus real Shipping is your CD cost !    >>>>> CONTACT ME <<<<<

Vinyl - $3 usd handling, with a minimum of $8 usd for a Vinyl copy
  >>> $11 usd plus real Shipping is your Vinyl cost !   >>>>> CONTACT ME <<<<<

Sitting here at my Kitchen table updating the website 
I can't help but wonder  - What am I getting myself into ?

This is the only way you can obtain these Items.
As of now. 

Digital downloads thru this Site are mp3 320 Quality and the Only way 
for me to obtain 100% of your monies. If this does not work for you
Digital SL2S Albums and Singles can be found
At Amazon , i-Tunes , Bandcamp and others ?

This is what I know - as of Now, Between working on New Music
and all the other stuff, please be patient for this is a work in progress

Thank You 
Artist/Producer - She Loves 2 Shop

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